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My personal powerlifting / fitness journey

Published: Tue 6th December 2016

Powerlifting / bodybuilding / weight training (I'm a hybrid who uses powerlifting for strength and lets the physique follow by calibrating diet). I've trained 15+ years, and have a wealth of training experience and knowledge. In 2013 and 2014 I competed in powerlifting, and in 2014 I came 3rd in the BPU UK nationals (90kg class).

Uncommonly, I have combined this "hobby" (or, lifestyle, should I say - it is a serious sacrifice) with both a 7-year business startup tenure and also a party lifestyle, including a five-month stint in Ibiza, including copious amounts of alcohol.

My method is simple:

  1. Stick to compound movements, namely 1) Squat, 2) Bench press, 3) Deadlift, 4) Overhead press, 5) Chin up, 6) Row.
  2. Concentrate on building strength, and the muscle will follow.
  3. Work up to a heavy 5, 3, or sometimes 1. Then perform 2 back off sets (with about 10 reps each, progressively lowering the weight)
  4. Train each lift once per week (Split into 2, 3 or 4 days)
  5. Add isolation for fun at the end of a workout only.
  6. Avoid alcohol as much as possible
  7. Eat about 200g protein per day

I'm never going to be a record breaker, but I've managed to stay in pretty good shape using these methods. In this blog, I'll detail my own experiences and continuing progression.

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