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My current pull/push/legs powerlifting / bodybuilding routine

Published: Mon 12th December 2016

Me training deadlift

Having regained my motivation after a 7-month long party binge in Ibiza and Miami, I am now planning to change to a higher frequency routine, high calories (it's winter, who cares about abs?).

I wrote this myself and it is designed to increase strength in the big 3 (squat, bench press, deadlift) and give a good amount of hypertrophy.

This routine will be tough. Remember, I train in a home gym so I only have free weights. Here it is:


Deadlift - up to a max 5 or 3
Dead hang weighted pull-up / chin up (mix them up) - 4 sets
Barbell supported row (because it's hard to keep a straight back after deads) - 4 sets
Dumb bell row - 4 sets
Barbell curl - 4 sets
Barbell pullover - 4 sets (this is mainly for delt mobility)
Deadlift (back off set) - 1 x AMRAP (about 10 reps)
Stretch / mobility work
TOTAL WORK SETS: 18 (excluding pullovers)


Bench press - up to a max 5 or 3
Bench press - 2 back off sets (about 10 reps each)
Dumb bell flat bench press - 4 sets
Overhead press (seated or standing) - 4 sets
Bodyweight dips - 4 sets
Skullcrushers - 4 sets
Stretch / mobility work


Squat - up to a max 5 or 3
Squat - 5 sets of 10
Romanian deadlift - 4 sets
Standing calf raises - 4 sets (OPTIONAL - I have never isolated calves before)
Reverse hyper - 3 sets (light - back prehab/rehab)
Stretch / mobility work
(I would add GHR's or hamstring curls, but I don't have the equipment)
TOTAL WORK SETS: 14 (excluding reverse hyper)

Each day should take me about 60 - 90 mins.

The 3 days are done consecutively. Unless life gets in the way, so a day off is acceptable occasionally.

After this, I will take 1 - 3 days rest (aiming for 1) depending on recovery factors (resting heart rate, fatigue, impact on quality of life, DOMS, etc).

Calories will be around 3500 - 4000kcal per day - if I can - I have a very low appetite.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to comment.


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