Free Language Learning

Welcome. Here you can learn and practice your skills in multiple language for free. Simply select the language you wish to learn below, then follow the instructions. The word, number or letter will be read aloud, and you simply need to type the answer and earn points for correct answers, and even more points for getting it correct quickly.

Code Links - PHP, JS, CSS, Bootstrap, Bash, Emmet, IntelliJ, Sublime etc.

My personal list of links which I keep here publicly incase they help someone else one day.

Code Snippets

Snippets of PHP code I have gathered over the years. I keep them here for my own repository but also to share with others. I always link back when I remember the source.

My Github Repos

A work in progress. I am going to make as many modules that I write in my devbox public as possible.

Kit's Homepage

This site was originally intended as a test bed for code. It now includes my blog about business and powerlifting, as well as games for Spanish language learning

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