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Free German Numbers Learning

Welcome, D-de-541593026. You are learning: German (Change language)
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Your speaker: Angelika from Berlin

Difficulty: Beginner (1) (Hint: zwei)

Instructions - German Numbers

  • Make sure you have sound enabled
  • Listen to the spoken word or number and type the answer in the box
  • See if you got it right or wrong
  • Bonus points if you get it right in less than 2 seconds.
  • When you get to a high level, you lose the ability to replay the sound!
  • Don't give up! You will be numbers fluent in no time!

  • Sound not working? Please contact us and inform us of your device, e.g. iPhone

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This week's German scoreboard

Pos. Lang. User Score
1GermanD-de-351765040100% (10 / 10)
2GermanD-de-46161969100% (5 / 5)
3GermanD-de-77884732100% (2 / 2)
4GermanD-de-695817859100% (2 / 2)
5GermanD-de-100% (2 / 2)
6GermanD-de-541593026100% (1 / 1)
7GermanD-de-2074613162100% (1 / 1)
8GermanD-de-165227181150100% (1 / 1)
9GermanD-de-1575539111100% (1 / 1)
10GermanD-de-662496684100% (1 / 1)
11GermanD-de-4616199100% (1 / 1)
12GermanD-de-1807615135100% (1 / 1)
13GermanD-de-1381979640100% (1 / 1)
14GermanD-de-18076155100% (1 / 1)
15GermanD-de-543614883100% (1 / 1)


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