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Create a Windows 10 'symlink' (i.e. mklink) to a FOLDER/DIRECTORY | windows

Use this to create a symlink to have shared folders in your local hosting environment. Do NOT post to live! Possible security hole in all your sites! I use this to store a repository of notes, TODO, and even access keys! If you do post to like, don't forget to have a .htaccess 'Deny from all' file at least and set permissions to 644 or whatever.

# note, my example below is based on linking a WAMP installation folder from one project to another

# you can link whatever you want, e.g. link C:\_ to your favourite folder, then cd \_ to get to it

mklink /J C:\wamp64\www\<PROJECT>\<RESOURCEFOLDER> C:\wamp64\www\<PROJECT>\<RESOURCEFOLDER>
# /J = directory junction - important !!  if you don't include /J, you won't include the whole directory/folder <whatever you call it these days>

# another e.g. make wamp64 link to same route as remote server, e.g. EC2 AMI uses /var/app/current/ or /var/www/html - this makes htaccess easier to manage!
mklink /J C:\var\app\current C:\wamp64\www\<PROJECT>

Published: Sun 24th December 2017
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