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Strip tags and HTML from a string with PHP | php

I wrote this while having to do a quick hack on a car site. The DB contained some really ugly HTML that I needed to strip in a hurry. (Of course, later it should be edited with Mysql REPLACE). But here it is:


// // kit - ugly hack to strip <b> and <strong> from description until we can update DB

// // 1) replace all <b> and <strong> with <h3>, and also replace nbsp's with a line break

$cars['car_description'] = str_ireplace(array('<b>', '</b>', '<strong>', '</strong>', '&nbsp;'), array('<h3>', '</h3>', '<h3>', '</h3>', '<br/>'), $cars['car_description']);

// // 2) Strip all HTML tags, EXCEPT the below ones which remain acceptable
$cars['car_description'] = strip_tags($cars['car_description'], '<h3><ul><li><p><span><br>');

Published: Wed 10th January 2018
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