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A way to always serve the latest versions of includes. They will never be cached with this. Great for debug. | php

Especially useful for JS / CSS and even JPG etc. I think that 'filemtime' is quick enough for production these days as I believe the result is cached but I am not sure. It should only be one file anyway providing all of your includes should be on a grunt/gulp uglifier/concatenate watcher anyway so you only have one filemtime lookup. Of course, you can forget all this and just install MODPAGESPEED.

// // list of files to include
$cssarray = array(

  foreach ($cssarray as $filename) {
    echo "<link rel='stylesheet' href='$cdnurl"; // // assuming you have your CDN url as a VAR here
    echo $filename;

    // // get base filename or we won't be able to do filemtime reliably
    $pathname = getcwd();

    // // concatenate
    $realfilename = $pathname . $filename;

    // // specify version number with a GET parameter, note your CDN should be set up to honour URL parameters or it will cache them.  If on dev, of course, you likely won't be using the CDN anyway.
    echo "?v=";
    echo filemtime($realfilename);
    echo "' />";
// // so in summary, we will have the CSS files included with the appendix ?v=UNIXTIMESTAMP so they won't be cached - for dev environments

Published: Sun 24th December 2017
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