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APCu with PHP 7 still exists and works | php

Remember, APCu is specific to ONE specific instance / server.

If you have multiple server environments, you will likely be better served by MEMCACHED or REDIS.

Although, in theory, you can indeed have multiple servers storing APC locally. But you may get front-end inconsistency!

E.g. One server collects APCu garbage and loses its cache and therefore gets fresh content, while another one still has it.

While I write this, I am thinking about an ugly hack to sync the APCu cache clean on a cron :)


function foo($lang, $testpalabra, $query)
// // let's make a key to store it in APCu.  It does not seem to accept associative arrays.
	$apcukey = $lang . "-" . $testpalabra;

	$apctest = apcu_fetch($apcukey);
	if ($apctest) {
// // great, we got a cache hit.  Let's return it and save our architecture some hard labour
		return $apctest;
	} else {
// // no cache found, time to do the heavy work like Mysql or jason file_put_contents

		$result = mysqli_query($con, $query); // // etc

// //	......	insert task here...

// // now we have the goods, let's store it in APCu so we don't need to fetch it again

// //......

		apcu_add($apcukey, $result); // // or whatever needs to be stored
		// // now pass it back - no one will know whether it came from APCu or not
		return $result;

Published: Mon 8th January 2018
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